Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the point of this website?

Every year, thousands of doctors agonize over the decision to end their medical career, whether prematurely or after several decades of practice.  Ambivalence arises when there are uncertainties, such as future income, alternative careers or pursuits,or even personal identity.  Since there is no roadmap on how to move on or retire, this website explores the important issues, to help shine a light on a path that is best for you.

Does this site provide financial advice for retirement?

Not really.  Although financial security and financial independence are critical considerations for a successful retirement, this website focuses primarily on the non-financial aspects of retirement.  The primary financial advice given on these website pages are generally to get regular, sound financial advice from a fully qualified professional.  In Canada, most physicians have come to rely on MD Management advisors for this guidance.

Is this website just for physicians?

Although the content and the contributors have been written mostly by and for physicians, there are many retirement issues and uncertainties that are broadly applicable to any professional group.  Insightful comments from any group or individuals are welcome, and will likely enrich the conversation with alternative perspectives.

How do I best use this site?

If you are simply looking for some insights to help shape your own decision to retire, simply read the ongoing blog posts or articles in the “useful links” section for the many perspectives on physician retirement.  Alternately, feel free to jump into the conversation, by adding your thoughts with a posted comment.  If you want to have a live conversation on any aspect of physician retirement, feel free to use the Contact link.  You will usually get a reply within 24 hours.

What is so unique about physician retirement?

Physicians have some unique challenges retiring that have little to do with money.  Since physician training is longer, more regimented, and more arduous than almost any other profession, the degree of personal investment is very high, especially given how much has been sacrificed along the way.  And since there is no single established roadmap on how, when or even why to unhook or retire, physicians, more than most, may have trouble with the lack of structured approach to this important transitional step in their careers.

What if I don't want totally retire or am not in a position to retire financially, but I just want to leave the profession?

There are many reasons for why physicians want to become an “Ex-MD”, such as burnout, disillusionment, stress, a change in priorities, significant illness, among others.  There are no reliable resources for physicians to make this transition either, so this website provides the “useful links” page to address this need as well an opportunity to express perspectives.  As more physicians access these pages, the more useful this website can become.